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Buy, sell and change cryptocurrency quickly
and conveniently on the platform of one cryptocurrency wallet.

Freedom and security

The multi-factor authentication used by XCoinBTC, as well as the use of the most advanced developments in the field of cryptography and information technology, allow us to fully protect the cryptocurrency stored with us from the actions of fraudsters.

The system can be flexibly configured to suit your needs. Freedom or security - the choice is yours.

Refund of cryptocurrency

XCoinBTC allows you to protect your cryptocurrency not only from hacking, but also from the actions of scammers and scammers. If the counterparty cheated, or you simply made an erroneous transaction, it doesn't matter, XRFUND-2019/2 will make it easy to return your cryptocurrency. Search engine lost electronic money in the blockchain system (XRFUND-2019/2), through the use of absolutely revolutionary approaches to cryptography, is capable of both redirecting and returning your transactions in the shortest possible time. At the same time, absolutely not violating anonymity.

Efficiency and availability

Together with XCoinBTC, you will be able to manage your cryptocurrency like a professional through constant access to the latest market information and the availability of comprehensive tools for cryptocurrency management. At the same time, XCoinBTC is easy to use and has an intuitive interface that will make it easy for even a beginner to get used to.


Impeccably fast work


Absolute technical soundness


24/7 support and advice


Best conditions of use

Work with all cryptocurrencies

XCoinBTC will allow you to buy and exchange, store and sell almost any cryptocurrency. If we don't have some kind of cryptocurrency, it just doesn't deserve your attention!

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Reliability and guarantees

XCoinBTC is a reliable time-tested wallet with an excellent reputation. For a long time, we have been providing clients with a reliable and secure, completely anonymous and simple opportunity to buy, sell and store both Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. And the advanced developments of our specialists, such as the revolutionary XRFUND-2019/2 system, take us to the forefront of technological development. Join us and find out what it means to work with the best of the best!
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